Graphic designer

Brand Jammer

Year: 2016
Field: Interaction Design
Visual Identity, UX / UI
MA Project KHiB (KMD, UiB)
Recognition: Bergen Design
Festival 2016,
Visuelt Diplom 2017

Criticizing tool for commercial disruption

Brand Jammer is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile phone application that unlocks critical power for consumers to be able to comment, criticize mainstream brands and disrupt their communications. Users can digitally fill in the commercial materials such as logos, packages and posters with their messages through the application.

Moreover, the users can also reveal the other people’s messages and see them by using the application to scan the commercial materials. The word ‘jammer’ has been taken from ‘radio jammer’, a device that has been used by the military to block radio signals and radar.

Brand Jammer was recognized by two design competitions. The winner of newcomers︎, Raff Designuke, Bergen Design Festival, Norway, 2016 Visuelt Diplom︎, Visuelt 2017, Grafill, Oslo, Norway


Brand Jammer is based on a concept of creating a critical tool for consumers. This tool can be used to criticize advertisements and mainstream brands. A metaphor is used to make this abstract concept tangible by capturing one of the essences in the project “disrupting communication” and represent it as  “radio jamming”.

The term jamming and jammer in military context have, therefore, been taken to describe and visualize the concept. The terms have also been used to name the app “Brand Jammer”. This app can be used to jam (disrupt) commercial communication like the use of radio jammer to jam the enemy communication.

A Delco Radio World War II Radar Jammer

American military used jammers to shutdown
German air defense systems.


Glitch art is used as a style and art direction to represent the identity of application Brand Jammer. The primary message of the Brand Jammer, which is the act of disrupting, can be visualized as the effect of data bending or glitch.

Wireframing for an intuitive interface

Creating a wireframe makes Brand Jammer have an intuitive interface that guides users to the main functions. After logging in, the screen ‘Jam’ will be displayed and activate the mobile phone camera to allow users to take a photo of the product and write comments right away. Designing a wireframe is a crucial stage in user experience design (UX) to establish a relationship between users and the application. The wireframe can also show the whole structure of the application and the screen connection.

Prototype animation

BNP Grand Floors

Year: 2018
Field: Visual Identity,
Company Profile, Branding
Client: BNP Grand Floors Co., Ltd.,
Graphic Design: Niphat Wibulphan, 

Floors that connect human to nature 

BNP Grand Floors is a business expansion, run by BNP Group. The company’s products are high quality engineered wood floor imported from Indonesia. The products are manufactured using real wood from renewable forest resources. Natural touch of the products has become the core idea of the brand. BNP Grand Floors’ identity should therefore fulfill human need to connect to nature.

From Nature to Floors is the main message of the identity that signifies natural quality within the products. It represents natural beauty of wood and the pleasant sensation of nature that are turned into floors inside the house.

From Nature to Floor

The marks stand for the message From Nature to Floors that emphasizes on nature connectedness. The pleasant feeling of being connected to the nature shaped by BNP Floors. The colors green and brown are chosen to represent the nature and wooden floors. The triangle and the strips also signify the nature and the floors.

The natural sensation when human is connected to the nature    
Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

BSAA—Annual Report & Handbook Cover

Year: 2019
Field: Print Design (Cover Design)
Client: Bangkok Shipowners
and Agents Association (BSAA)
Graphic Design: Zerotwostudio,
Niphat Wibulphan

Shipping and the ocean

Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association (BSAA) assigned the studio to create its annual report and handbook for the year 2019. In this project, I was responsible for visual design, art direction and the cover design of these two books. The design reflects the visual aspects of shipping business.  

Space Matter

Year: 2017
Field: Corporate Identity, Branding
Medium: Various uses
Client: Spacematter, Architecture and Interior Firm
Graphic Design: Zerotwostudio, Niphat Wibulphan

Space does matter

Space Matter focuses on the significance of space as a starting point where ideas take shape and form then turns into tangible architecture. The logo emphasizes this concept and represents it as a simple square shape, combined with asterisk. A star - shaped mark stands for additional meanings that are added to space in the form of architecture.

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